An introduction to Technology Traction

An introduction to Technology Traction


Technology is ever evolving, despite the fact that Covid has been calling short for the last year We have seen some amazing growth in technology. There has been a massive rise in tech - innovation in the field of Medicine, Healthcare, AI and Blockchain among others. Needless to say,  these technologies have continuously transformed our lives. Companies and corporations such as Google, Samsung Electronics, BMW, HITACHI, Amazon, AWS, and lots more  are pumping funds into technology research and development. In the near future technology will be the reality of everyone globally with several automated systems replacing mundane activities performed by humans.. Some areas of this technology evolution that is making waves in 2022 includes - 


This is a current technology development that brings data storage and computation closer to businesses. Improving reaction times and reducing bandwidth usage . It is also considered to be the most recent technological trend  because enterprises are rapidly gaining access to sophisticated and specialized resources which are sure to reduce latency.

Edge Computing raises security to new heights by addressing Local Compliance, Privacy Legislation and Data Sovereignty concerns. Also many people feel that Edge Computing the attack surfaces. It really reduces the influences of an enterprise. Some other benefits of Edge Computing include enhanced speed and cost reduction. Some top tier companies like Dell, IBM, PHE, AWS, Google Cloud Platform amongst others have already adapted Edge Computing


This is a technique of enhancing a person's physical and cognitive abilities. This is carried out in form  of implantation which allows the person to perform activities that otherwise the person could not perform. In the post-Modern age this is considered as one of the most technological advancement. This is because this implantation not only enhances a person's physical appearance but it also allows the person to think better and make optimal choices and decisions. 

It is safe to say the Human Augmentation holds a lot of promises in the future of technology. Corporations like Google, Samsung Electronics and Fossil Group are already playing in this space.


This technology has proven to be one of the most transformative technology evolution in history yet we have not scratched the surface yet. Some trends in AI technology like mind-Reading, Alter Ego and others show how much AI can offer in the future. Furthermore, some other AI technology like drone deliveries have already been tested by Dominos and Doordash. 

This technology trend is really exciting, however due to the embryonic stage of this technological evolution there are some flaws that pose a threat to human safety. Having said that AI technology holds enormous potential for the future. Corporate big and small haven all embraced this technology - Google, Microsoft, Nvidia and lots of others.


Even though the epoch is yet to arise, quantum computing is considered to be the future of computers. Due to the influence this technology evolution holds some automobile companies like Volkswagen, BMW and others have declared priority in Quantum Computing. This technology leverages on superimposing and entanglement to exploit Quantum Mechanical Processes  to address complex and computational difficulties. 

These quantum computers will utilize Quantum Physics to store data as well as carry out computation while outperforming regular and super computers in  solving problems. Amidst the Covid pandemic Quantum Computing is being used to develop vaccines. Companies like Accenture, Amazon, Hitachi and others have already adopted the use of Quantum Computing.

Some other technology evolution are Computer Vision, Digital Twin, Autonomous Driving, Intelligence Process Automation amongst others. Technology is constantly growing and expanding. Needless to say that the impact has been nothing less than amazing but that does not negate the fact that there are downsides to these technology trends. Some of these technology powered systems pose some serious safety issues to humans and  as the growth continues especially in the areas of AI and process automation it will render human/ workforce redundant. So to remain relevant in this technology driven world humans has to keep developing and acquiring new skills to be able to remain afloat and survive this onslaught of technology.

  • Gabriel Christopher
  • Mar, 27 2022

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