Why just be a Blogger when you can be a Tech Blogger?

Why just be a Blogger when you can be a Tech Blogger?

There are times where you need to change the habit of doing something you love for free. This pattern is often observed in writers and bloggers..

Some bloggers generate amazing content, but they fall behind on the Reach as they do not have an understanding of how the internet works. This often leads to disappointment as there is lesser validation from the people on the net. Tech blogging is a solution to this.

What is Tech Blogging?

Blogging can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

It’s almost like starting a business, you have an amazing product? Then you have got to market it as well. Tech blogging simply allows you to market your content on the net – as simple as that!

With tools like Google Analytics, you could track the interaction with your audience, monetize your content and generate content according to the popularity of previous posts.

How to be a Tech blogger?

You could start by writing anything – literally!

People often just think that they do not know how to write or wonder what they could write about, but this isn’t the codified literary world. So, anyone who knows how to use a computer can Blog. The technical part begins when you learn how to blog.

Firstly, you need to post a blog. Be it a day in your dog’s life or how the economic policies are affecting the climate. It could be anything that you know a lot about, or you want to learn a lot about.

Then keep generating content. The more blogs you write the faster you could maintain a record of who likes what and what kind of content you need to create to expand your reach.

Once you have cleared this path, you could monetize your content and give some value to your time and effort, but remember, this could take a while. Until then, keep writing and creating content for the fun of it.


How to be a “Good” Tech Blogger?

  1. Research! It is the most crucial part of being a blogger. In the long term, this could help you to be a successful blogger. Get your facts right and know what kind of audience are reading what.
  2. Do not use clickbaits. It is a dirty habit in the blogging world. Generate content that is worth the reader’s time and don’t be a fraud
  3. Have fun. Write about what excites you as a person and don’t get too stuck in making it a long and boring post.
  4. Edit and Proofread. This is just a personal opinion. 

Why do you need to Tech Blog?

Just because it’s smart and adds value to your work. Yes, you make money out of it, but it does so much more

It is a record of your activities

Recruiters these days will not solely depend on a resume of a page. They will also look into what you like and what you do through your blogs, hence adding to your social score. Who knows? Maybe a blog that you wrote on a movie that you just watched could win you a job on writing reviews one day!

It’s better than not doing it

If you are going to create content, you might as well market it to an audience and gain some experience in the world of internet.

Helps in learning

In the process of writing a blog, there's immense learning that happens, which boosts our technical knowledge in understanding more about the topic, and helps us boosting our communication skills too.

As the world evolves, we need to keep up with it. When almost half the population is going to be on the internet, people have to realize that is where we are going to find our audience that we have been dying to reach. We can use Tech blogging as an opportunity to grow.. 


  • Satyajit Pattnaik
  • Mar, 05 2022

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