Refund Policy

Thank you for buying our courses. We ensure that our users have a rewarding experience while they discover, assess, and purchase our courses, whether it is an instructor-led or self-paced training. As with any online purchase experience, there are terms and conditions that govern the Refund Policy. When you buy a training course on Zep Analytics, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and refund policy.

Our refund policy is as follows:

Cancellation & Refunds: We are using RazorPay, hence any amount that is opted for refund/cancellation will be refunded at normal speed (within 5-7 working days).

For Self-Placed Learning:

Raise refund request within 7 days of purchase of course. Money back guarantee is void if the participant has accessed more than 20% content or downloaded the E-Book. Any refund request beyond 7 days of purchasing the course will not be accepted and no refund will be provided.

Refund request can be initiated by reaching out to us via Contact Us Page

For Instructor-Placed Learning:

Raise refund request within first 2 classes of the program or 7 days, whichever is earlier.

Refund request for Instructor Placed Learning will be only be accepted if the students doesn't like the way of teaching, any other reasons has to be provided with strong proofs in order to be considered as a genuine request for refund.

Note: All refunds will be processed within 10 working days after the refund request is approved by Zep Analytics.